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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which increases a website’s rankings in search engine results and subsequently increases site traffic and revenue.

For example, a website that sells Tech products would want to appear as the first search result whenever a potential customer searches for the phrase “Dell PCs for sale” in Google.

SEO is an umbrella term which encompasses many different strategies. There are a lot of ways one can improve a website’s rankings and I know how to choose the ones that are best for your business. I can write your copy, build your links, get you press coverage, run your PPC campaign, build and design your website, optimize your site for powerful keywords and whatever else it takes to increase your revenue.

Besides the usual SEO tactics, I am constantly researching and developing new and better ways to optimize your site.

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On-Page Optimization

Having a website that is user friendly, but at the same time, it is well optimized for search engines.

Website Structure

It is important to have a better website structure. Search engines like websites that are structured well and quickly!

User Experience

Create an amazing user experience and the search engines will reward you by placing your website very heavily in searches.

Content Strategy

Creating content that allows people to talk and share is the key to ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Link Building

Still one of the most important signs of ranking factors, we focus on building quality links to achieve amazing results.

Create A Buzz

Creating a buzz that will have a big impact on your business will help your website with rankings and trust with search engines.

SEO Strategy

It is important to have an SEO plan, with this we can set the right goals for your business and achieve them easily.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization will allow you to be seen by thousands of local customers looking for your business online.

Business Advisory

Increase your business revenue by more than 50% simply because you have more criticism than your competitors.

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