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The goal for this project was to redesign the existing website for INNOGROUP Company. The brief included:

  • Delivery of the online version of their Core Training program —adding chat feature so learners can discuss lessons;
  • Sleek redesign of website onto Laravel Framework.
  • Decrease site confusion, while improving information architecture.


I met with the executive director of InnoGroupdiscussing the background of InnoGroup, reviewing their current offerings, future goals, and my project goals. This gave us an understanding of who their website users are, and what purpose they have for the website.


Strategy & Research


  • Current site issues — site menu is overwhelming, text heavy and confusing. A lot of repeated content scattered through out.
  • Fears for future — Many fears over the ability to sustain the work. Lack of funding and donations, and worry that people they are helping may be viewed as unsympathetic.
  • Innogroup’s image — People are truly commited to the cause and feel great passion for Innogroup and using it as a tool.
  • New site expectations — communicate to potential clients, facilities and companies.


Competitive Comparative Analysis

I looked at competitor websites that offered web marketing services to compare their content and information hierarchy, reviewing what features they offered, and how information was displayed.

Organizational Research

I then closely reviewed all pages of the current website, reviewing content, breakdown of pages, navigation and use of images. The current site is text heavy, with two nav bars at the top of the page  —  looking cluttered and unclear, and with little hierarchy to the content.


InnoGroup navigation

Old Navigation


innogroup pages

Old page content



After doing more user testing, I once again realigned the homepage to better meet our business goals — moving the Get Involved section up to right under the hero image to right away, show viewers how they can help. The final homepage looked like this:

Innogroup home page design

New Home Page Design


Final Thoughts

This project was more challenging than I had originally expected. The volume of content was daunting, and there was difficulty in finding subjects who had used the website regularly and could give valuable feedback — so user research was initially a hurdle. The client didn’t have analytics set up on the site, so proving some of the points they brought up in the brief was difficult.

However, this gave me the opportunity to come up with new ideas to find the information we needed. I believe I was successful, and I was able to get more in depth with the research and planning aspects of this project, which was my highlight for this project. We vastly improved the information architecture, making the site clearer, more manageable for the back end, and more engaging for the end user. We created a visually pleasing site that met the clients goals and was aligned with the tone and feel they wanted to evoke.

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