Innogroup Redesign Website UI/UX Case Study

Please note, this is a self-directed project. It was done for a love of design, and in the interests of self-discovery and learning. There are many things that I would do differently next time and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this too. I hope that sharing my process here can be of some benefit to others. See full disclaimer below.


INNOGROUP is a digital marketing startup based in Marrakech, Morocco. They offer a range of services linked of course to digital field. Obviously their website should reflect the company’s name, values, creativity and who they really are as well as what they are good at. That is why they requested to change the website design they had at that time due to the lack of relevant user experience.


The goal for this project was to redesign the existing website for INNOGROUP Company. The brief included:

  • Sleek redesign of website into LARAVEL Framework.
  • Decrease site confusion, while improving information architecture.

Strategy & Research

key findings

Current site issues:

  •  site menu is overwhelming
  • text heavy and confusing
  • A lot of repeated content scattered through out

New site expectations

  •  Communicate to potential clients
  • Facilities and companies.

Website research

Competitive Comparative Analysis

I looked at competitor websites that offered web marketing services to compare their content and information hierarchy. To review what features they offered, and how information was displayed. It helped me to uncover the unseen users’ problem and inspired me for a better design.

Organisationnel Research

I then closely reviewed all pages of the current website, reviewing content, breakdown of pages, navigation and use of images. The current site is text heavy, with two navigation bars at the top of the page  looking cluttered and unclear, and with little hierarchy to the content. Afterwards I put an outline of how I want my new design to be, what value can I add to the website and of course the message transmitted to the users.


After doing more users testing, I once again realigned the homepage to better meet our business goals. Moving” the Get Involved section” up to right under the hero image to right away, show viewers how they can help. The final homepage looked like this:


Final Thoughts

This project was more challenging than I had originally expected. The volume of content was discouraging, and there was difficulty in finding subjects who had used the website regularly and could give valuable feedback. So user research was initially a hurdle. The client didn’t have analytics set up on the site, so proving some of the points they brought up in the brief was difficult.

However, the challenge gave me the opportunity to come up with creative ideas to find the information I needed to improve the overall website. I believe I was successful, and I was able to get more in depth with the research and planning aspects of this project, which was my highlight for this project. Also, I vastly enhanced the structural design of both content and pictures, making the site clearer, more manageable for the Back End, and more engaging for the end user. I created a visually pleasing site that met the client’s goals.

Client Review

Thank you for the work you did with the rebrand. We have been getting very good feedback on the new website. The web site in particular is proving very beneficial. Having a mobile enabled site with a fully integrated content management system is proving to be very useful, and also proving to be a key marketing tool to help us compete for new business. Once again, many thanks for your help and support throughout the entire process.

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